• Russian Fashion TV Awards
  • Braccialini Creative Project winner.
  • Fashion editor and stylist

The fashion brand “Kuteiko” was founded in 2013 in Moscow by a talented and well-known fashion editor/director and stylist, Dmitry Kuteiko. Dmitry was born in Ukraine and that has impacted his collections, as they have Ukrainian national culture and ethos as its base, its main building block. His collections are about beauty and freedom. They are mainly inspired by nature and the village life style, old gardens of the 19th century, mansions which have historical imprints on them and of course spacious palaces with their stunning ball rooms. His art is unique as he uses elaborate handmade decorations as his signature. For example, each flower of Ludovic dress, which is now famous all over the world, takes a few weeks to make. Also, despite of a slight glimpse of retro, his dresses do not just overtake the time, but some of them are timeless, lost between the past and the future.